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Dornbirn city view About Dornbirn:

Dornbirn is the biggest city of Vorarlberg in Austria with the population of 49,883. It is one of the newest and also the largest town in Vorarlberg, which is located only a few miles south of Bregenz at on the border of the wide valley of the Rhine. The city administrative center of the district Dornbirn, including the city of Hohenems, and the market town Lustenau. Dornbirn is bordering the countries of Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein.

Karren MountainThe city was first mention in  in 895 under the name of Torrinpuirron, and it is continuing with the current name and now extends right up to the Rhine. It is an important commercial and shopping centre.

Climate: The climate is warm in Dornbirn. There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Dornbirn. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall. The average high temp is 23°C in the month of July and average low temp is -4°C in the month of January. The average annual rainfall is 1168 mm.

Places to visit:

Rolls Royce MuseumRolls-Royce Museum: It is the world's largest museum dedicated to the world's most illustrious cars. Rolls-Royce collector Frank Vonier assembled the collection, and many of the swanky cars were once owned by celebrities, including such pop icons as John Lennon , Queen Elizabeth and the late Queen Mother. The vehicles are spread over three floors, where you can learn everything you need to know about the history of Rolls-Royce.

Einkaufszentrum Messepark: It is a beautiful and popular shopping mall with a lot of stores cafe ,outlets etc  and a tax free shopping available for people outside the Europe. It is located close to the Swiss border.

Inatura Museum and ParkInatura museum and park: The Ruschwerke factory that specialized in the manufacture of turbines and hydro-electric equipment. Closed in 1984, most of the complex has been demolished and transformed into the surrounding park and museum. First and most obviously is the first floor corten steel clad projection room. The other two are located in the garden court at the rear and are in the form of individual pavilions accommodating offices and further exhibition spaces.

Things to do: Dornbirn is a best place for Hiking, give a visit to a market place and surrounding streets and squares.

Inatura museum and parkTransportation: By Plane: Friedrichshafen Airport is the closer one, it connects with direct flights from Dublin, London, Berlin, Prague. and Memmingen Airport is the main connection with Europe.

By Train: There are many intercity trains going from Lindau, Germany to Innsbruck and farther away that stop in Dornbirn main station.

Regions in Austria

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