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Piura Region, PeruAbout Piura:

Piura is a coastal region in northwestern Peru. The region's capital is PiuraThe area is known for its warm tropical and dry or semi-tropical beaches. The region is divided into 8 province which are composed of 64 districts.

Climate: Piura has a temperate climate with rains in the summer months (December-April). The average annual maximum temperature is 24 °C and the minimum is 12 °C . Heavy rains from December to March and a markedly dry season from May to October, where sunny days post temperatures of 24°C and freezing nights.

Paso de Porculla,Piura Region, PeruGeography: The Piura Region is bordered to the north by the Tumbes Region and Ecuador, to the east by Cajamarca Region, to the south by the Lambayeque Region, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. "Punta Parinas" in Piura is South America's most western point.

History: In 1587 the port of Paita was sacked and burned down by pirates and in 1588 the survivors returned to re-found the city. During the conquest Pizarro arrived this region looking for a place to settle. He found it in the Valley of Tangarara, in the banks of the Chira. There he founded the first spanish city in Peru, called San Miguel. In the last year the capital of the department has begun its urban transformation, that is foreseeably to become one of the most important cities in the country.

Peruvian Andes,Piura Region, PeruMountains and Rivers: To the east, valleys are more or less deep and have been eroded by rivers forming equatorial tropical-dry-forests. The major peak surpasses 3000 m. The Paso de Porculla, in the southwest of the territory is only 2,138 meters high and is the lowest pass of the Peruvian Andes. The rivers crossing its territory belong to the Pacific watershed and to the Amazonas Hydrographic System. The Chira is the most important and flows its waters into the Pacific Ocean. Piura is the land of carob trees. Its development has been favored by the petroleum exploitation and for the fishery boom.

Punta Parinas,Piura Region, PeruNature: There are a half-moon shaped dunes, the marine terraces such as those of Mancora, Talara and Lobitos; fluvial terraces formed by Chira and Piura Rivers and the ancient relief of Amotape, that delimits the coast to the north of the department. Piura is covered by deserts, tropical valleys, dry equatorial forests, high Amazon climates as you reach between 1000–1500 meters, and a humid subtropical sierra climate if you reach over 2,000 meters. The Paramo climate is found in the higher regions of the Sierra.

Piura city ,Piura Region, PeruCapital city: Piura is a city in northwestern Peru. It is the capital of the Piura Region. Piura Department has a desert and semi-desert climate on the coast and the western slopes of the Andes, whereas on the eastern slopes the climate is subtropical. The city is one of the best known tourist attractions in Piura is La Esmeralda beach, known as Colan for it is located near the town of Colan. Colan beach is a very long beach with warm waters. Local people like to go there during holidays. Piura is host to a stunning mestizo culture most  famous for gastronomical dishes like Seco de chabelo, algarrobina-based drinks, many types of seafood and fish, like ceviche and Natilla Sweets.

Mancora,Piura Region, PeruTourisms: The International Sullana Fair, the Semana Santa in Catacaos, the festivities of Nuestra Senora de la Merced of Paita and the Senor Cautivo de Ayabaca, are well known. Its music, besides the Tondero and the Marinera, has been enriched by composers from Piura with famous "waltzes. The small town of Simbila, is very popular for its handcrafts and pottery. The tondero and cumanana are the traditional music of mestizo Piura and northern parts of Lambayeque. It has important tourist centers such as the Cathedral of Piura, the Tourist Hotel and beautiful beaches such as Yasila and Colan in Paita. The House of Admiral Miguel Grau, nowadays a museum is another tourist attraction in this area.

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