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Bran Mountain area ,Brasov County,RomaniaAbout Brasov:

Brasiv is a county of Romania, in Transylvania, with the capital city at Brasov. The county has a total area of 5,363 km². The County contains some of the most attractive tourist destinations in Romania. Brasov county is in fact the land of tourism. Brasov County has 4 municipalities, 6 towns and 48 communes.  It is situated in the central part of our country.

Climate: Brasov has relatively cold and wet weather, especially at night. This region of Romania enjoys four seasons, spring and autumn as well as winter and summer. The average temperature is 7.6°C only, even though in summer temperatures may reach up to 35°C.

Brasov County mapGeography: Brasov lies in central-eastern Romania, at the junction of the trade roads connecting the Balkans to the rest of Europe. The county of Brasov boasts the highest degree of urbanism throughout the country, 76.2 per cent of the population living in municipalities and towns. The South side comprises the Carpathian Mountains (Southern Carpathians and Eastern Carpathians) with Fagara? Mountains, Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Mare Mountains, Piatra Craiului Mountains and the Postavarul Massif. In the east side there is the Bra?ov Depression, and in the west side there is the Olt River valley. Between them there are the Per?ani Mountains. The North and West side of the county is crossed by the Olt River.

Brasov city view,Brasov County,RomaniaNeighboring  County: Arges County, Dambovi?a County and Prahova County in the South. Covasna County in the East. Mures County and Harghita County in the North. Covasna County in the East.

History:  Human traces in the area date back to 60,000 years ago, the inhabitants of these parts of the County. Brasov was  first a document in the year 1234, the most important town in Transilvania in the Middle Ages. The devastating fire of 1689 left not many wooden one-floor houses standing, more exactly only a few constructions made prior to the 17th century. Some others were demolished for political-strategic or for town planning reasons. In 1869, Brahms gave a concert at Brasov. As a town and county seat, Brasov is most attractive for its tourist offer.

Black Chruch,Transylvania, RomaniaTourist attraction:

Black Church(Biserica Neagra): It is located in the south-eastern part of  Transylvania, Romania, the main Gothic style monument in the country. Build by the German community of the city. The Black Chruch is 89 meters in length and 38 meters wide. It has a six ton bell, the biggest in Romania, an impressive 4,000 pipe organ built in 1839. The oldest features surviving include several sculptures, arches, simpler masonry patterns such as trilobes, as well as numerous portals, while the crowning is imitation Gothic dating from the 18th century. The cathedral is a major symbol of Brasov, and consist of a museum is open to visitors.

Prahova Valley, Brasov,RomaniaPrahova Valley: It is the valley where the Prahova river makes its way between the Bucegi and the Baiu Mountains, in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. The region is a popular destination for mountaineers and for winter sports fans. It is also features some of the beautiful Resorts. The valley was host of the 2013 European Youth festival. It is also the most important passage way between the principalities of Wallachia and Transylvania.

Other attractive Valley: The Olt Valley ant the mountain and hilly zones of the Covasna county.

Golden Stag international pop music Festival, Brasov County,RomaniaCulture: The Southern part of this county which has the municipality of Brasov as its geographical center where the Golden Stag international pop music Festival is held every year. It is considered to be the top most tourist attraction of the county.

The feudal fortress of Fagaras,Brasov County, RomaniaFortresses and Castles: There for the fortress of Cohalm from Rupea, the feudal fortress of Fagaras, Risnov fortress, the peasant fortresses from Prejmer and Harman are only a small part of the many vestiges that cover the county’s territory. We can also visit many castles: Bran Castle, an architectural monument of national importance, the castels from Racos, Hoghiz and Sambata de Sus presents tourist importance both for their architecture, as well as for the natural landscapes that sourround them.

Industries in Brasov County,RomaniaFlora and Fauna: The landscape passes from the green of the rich flora in plain to the austere gray of the rocks, then again to the colorful mountain pastures. The mountains are covered by oak, beech and fir trees. Here the chamois, Carpathian stag, roebuck, brown bear, wolf, lynx, wild boar, fox, and hare are at home.

Economy: Brasov is one of the most prosperous regions of Romania and has a tradition in industry. During the communist period it was heavily industrialized, and its heritage were some very large industrial complexes. The predominant industries in the county are Construction materials industry, Chemical industry, Mechanical and automotive industry.

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