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Piatra Neamt city viewAbout Piatra Neamt:

Piatra Neamt is the capital city of Neamt County, in the historical region of Moldavia, eastern Romania. The city is known as the land of dreams. It is considered one of the most picturesque cities in Romania. The area around Piatra Neamt is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Romania. The oldest traces of human civilization in the present territory date back to the higher Paleolithic, about 100,000 years BCE. The town is rich in museums: the ethnographic and art museums on Liberty Square, plus the interesting Neolithic museum which displays objects and sculpture from the Cucuteni culture (3500-3000 BC). The city's industries include a fertilizer plant, a pulp and paper mill, and several food-processing plants. Piatra Neamt  is famous for its natural beauty of the area (the mountains and the lakes), the historical buildings, the museums and the festivals.

Nativity of St. John the Baptist ChurchClimate: Piatra Neamt has a Humid continental climate, region of Romania gets all four seasons, although spring is brief and falls mainly in April. The average high temp is 25°C in the month of July and average low temp is -6°C in the month of January.

Places to visit:

Nativity of St. John the Baptist Church: It is located at 2 Pia?a Libertatii, Piatra Neamt, Romania, was built in 1497-1498 as part of his royal court in the town. The bell tower dates to the year after the church was completed, and is a symbol of the city. It is an preserved examples of late 15th century Moldavian religious architecture.

Stephen's Tower Stephen's Tower: It was built in 1499, a year after the church was build. It is 19 m high and 5.8 m wide, with a square base for the first 7 m and becoming an octagonal prism higher up. It is is made of dry stone interlaced with a few rows of brick. The ground floor is also vaulted, has two small windows in the southern and western walls, and is entered straight through a door on the western side. The next floor was formerly accessed by a ladder, replaced by a metal staircase; higher up, there is an interior stairway up to the bell chamber. There are four bells: a large one from the 17th century, producing a special tone; another from the 19th century; and two from 1979.

Wooden SynagogueWooden Synagogue: It was built in 1766, is a monument with a long and controversial history. The fact that Synagogue is located so close to the “St. Joan” church, this representing a breach of the traditional distance of about 300 m which should separate a synagogue of a Christian church Synagogue of Piatra Neamt is constructed of thick beams coated both inside and outside. The interior is presented as a closed  two-story gallery to the north and one floor on the west side, where women’s synagogue is; in the south there is another smaller gallery for children. In the east wall of the synagogue is located the “Holy Urn” true work of art executed in carved wood and arranged into three levels, each level being seated on round columns covered with bronze and silver. The dome and the side walls are original parts of the building. The altar, gold plated, exists of 250 years.

Bistria MonasteryBistrita Monastery: It is located 8 km west of Piatra Neamt. The monastery is surrounded by 4 meter high stone walls built during Petru Rares's reign (1541–1546), the original ones being destroyed in 1538 by Suleiman the Magnificent's army. It shows features of Byzantine architecture, is richly ornamented, with a 15th century entrance door of fine craftsmanship and detailed frescoes. The monastery is considered to have been donated by 4 voivodes of the Mu?atin dinasty. The monastery's also features a museum hosts an important collection of medieval art.

History & Archaeology Museum: It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Constantin Matasa, minister and amateur archaeologist, located at Piatra Neamt, Romania. The Museum showcase a great collection of Cucuteni culture, it is an one of the most visited museum in Rominia.

Other major attraction: The Princely Court, The Natural Sciences Museum.

Cozla ParkParks: The entertainment complex Cozla Park: The park was Inaugurated on 15 August 1904. It is one of the most important touristic attractions of the town. The ski slope, the ride with Telegondola or the chair lift and the hiking trails. It is a best places for those that love winter sports are ski passes that include unlimited rides with telegondola and the chairlift. Cozla ski slope is located on Cozla hill, in the north side of the town. The chair lift that takes you up the mountain is in Darmanesti neighborhood and can lift 826 persons per hour.

Other Parks: Strandul Tineretului, Central Park.

Sports: FC Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt is the local football team, currently it plays in the first national league. VC Unic Piatra Neam? is the local women's volleyball team.


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