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SeychellesAbout Seychelles:

Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The 115-island country, whose capital is Victoria, lies 1,500 kilometers east of mainland Southeast Africa. The Seychelles were disputed between France and Great Britain during the age of colonialism, with Britain ending up in control in 1814 after the Napoleonic Wars. The country features Lush vegetation slopes gently down to shimmering white powder sands and frothy turquoise seas whilst secret coves lie in wait without a footprint in the sand and Robinson Crusoe hideaways that have only birds and giant tortoises for company are ten-a-penny.

 La Digue Island, SeychellesSeychelles offers  a Colorful tropical life abounds below the turquoise waters too. Scuba diving and snorkelling are popular thanks to clear seas and an abundance of tropical fish, whilst big game fishing is another draw. Watersports, kayaking and sailing are available at the major holiday resorts especially Beau Vallon Bay where several tourist hotels are located.

Climate: the Seychelles enjoy a tropical warm climate all year round, which makes it a great place to visit most times of the year. Whilst temperatures reach maximums of around 32°C (90°F) and rarely drop below 23°C (73°F), the islands do receive monsoon rains from November to April.

Seychelles Natural AttrctionNature: Seychelles is a unique environment, which sustains a very special biodiversity. It is special for a number of different reasons. These are the oldest oceanic islands to be found anywhere on Earth. The inner granitic islands here are also the only such islands based on continental rock. The vast majority of which is open ocean. Marine life, from inshore coral reefs to deep water, includes more than 1,000 species of fish. The health of the ocean is fundamental to the Seychelles economy and to the people of the islands, through fisheries and tourism. The granitic islands are considered the oldest and hardest granite in the world. The majority of the islands are uninhabited, with many dedicated as nature reserves.

Shihouette Island, SeychellesIslands: The archipelago consists of over 116 islands. There are two coral sand cays north of the granitics: Denis and Bird. Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to over 150,0000 giant land tortoises happens to be the second largest atoll in the entire world. There are 13 coral islands in the Farquhar Group, south-southwest of the Amirantes. There are 67 raised coral islands in the Aldabra Group, west of the Farquhar Group. There are 29 coral islands in the Amirantes group, west of the granitics. Mahe is home to the international airport, the capital city and a vast majority of the country's inhabitants, is surrounded by coral reefs, making its powdery white sandy beaches optimal for a dream island vacation. Terrestrial fans will want to visit Praslin, which is home to Vallee de Mai, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Seychelles LandscapeLandscape: The beauty of Seychelles is due to its naturally distributed flora and fauna in a sanctuary which was untouched for many centuries. Ten of the special species found in Seychelles, is the Coco de-Mer which is a coconut plant. This is the largest coconut and the biggest seed in the world. The fragrant vanilla orchid is also cultivated on the island. There are thirteen pairs of the rare Paradise Fly Catchers on the island of La Dique giving a splendid look. Unique black parrots are found on the island of Praslin and the Magpie Robin is found on Fregate Island. Bird Island is home for over a million sooty terns. he Seychelles islands have eighty-one unique species of some plant life that are not found anywhere else in the globe. People from all over the world love to come here and enjoy their vacation and have a good time.

 Aldabra,  SeychellesThings to do: Mahe has the  best beaches, this beautiful beach is only accessible on foot or by boat. If don’t fancy the trek, seek out one of the island’s other 70 white-sand beaches, fringed with lush vegetation and coconut palms. Beau Vallon is one of the most popular for watersports and swimming. The Aquarium, Madam Zabre and Passe Tambi areas are the best snorkelling spots for seeing turtles, stingrays and colorful reef fish. The brush warbler, the Seychelles toc-toc and the fairy tern are among 1.25 million birds that nest here during April and May. Enjoy a cycle ride through the peaceful L’Union Estate. See giant tortoises and visit one of the last working copra mills and a vanilla plantation before cooling off at stunning Anse Source d’Argent, which featured in the Bounty TV advertisements. Aldabra is the world's largest atoll, and listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this is the place to see giant land tortoises.

 Victoria, SeychellesCapital city: Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles islands, located on the island of Mahe. Victoria is one of the smallest capital cities in the world and the only major port in the Seychelles. Its courthouse and post office in the center of town have been virtually unchanged since colonial times. This is the economic hub of the Seychelles, as well as being central to regional politics and commerce. The town features architecture that is a mix of modern and colonial style buildings. Victoria market is the local hotspot for the Seychellois people and the brightly coloured Fish and Fruit Markets are not to be missed, also nearby is the gallery of the renowned local artist Georges Camille. The city is also home to the national stadium, the International School Seychelles and a polytechnic.

Seychelles CuisineCuisine: Fish plays a prominent part in country's cuisine because of its location in the Indian Ocean. The use of spices such as ginger, lemongrass, coriander and tamarind are a significant component of Seychellois cuisine. Seychellois Creole cuisine is influenced by African, Chinese, French and Indian traditions. The careful blending of spices is a major feature and much use is made of chillies, coconut milk and breadfruit, the latter often used as a carbohydrate staple in place of rice. Ekyu is a local beer known as a regional drink. Staple foods include fish, seafood and shellfish dishes, often accompanied with rice. Fish dishes are cooked in several ways, such as steamed, grilled, wrapped in banana leaves, baked, salted and smoked.

Regions within Seychelles:

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