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About Swaziland

Swaziland is a sovereign state in Southern Africa.  The population is primarily ethnic Swazis whose language is siSwati. Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Swaziland is a developing country with a small economy. Its GDP per capita of $6,367 means it is classified as a country with a lower-middle income.

Swaziland is well known for its culture. Swaziland's economy is diversified, with agriculture, forestry and mining accounting for about 13% of GDP, manufacturing (textiles and sugar-related processing) representing 37% of GDP and services.


The Sangoma is a traditional diviner chosen by the ancestors of that particular family. The training of the Sangoma is called "kwetfwasa".

At the end of the training, a graduation ceremony takes place where all the local sangoma come together for feasting and dancing.

The most important cultural event in Swaziland is the Incwala ceremony. It is held on the fourth day after the full moon nearest the longest day, 21 December.

Swaziland's most well-known cultural event is the annual Umhlanga Reed Dance.  In the eight-day ceremony, girls cut reeds and present them to the queen mother and then dance. The aims of the ceremony are to preserve girls' chastity, provide tribute labour for the Queen mother, and to encourage solidarity by working together.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful, secluded sanctuary situated in Swaziland’s ‘Valley of Heaven’, the Ezulwini Valley, in between Mbabane and Manzini. Mlilwane is situated in Swaziland’s main tourist hub. 24-hr gate access allows visitors to easily enjoy the park and its nearby tourist attractions, including a variety of craft shops in Ezulwini and Malkerns.

Mlilwane is Swaziland’s most frequently visited reserve and home of Imvelo MTB Classic. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the abundant wildlife that grace the plains by foot, vehicle, on horseback and on mountain bikes-- all led by Swazi guides who are experts in their field. Mlilwane means ‘Little Fire’, being derived from the numerous fires started by lightning strikes on the Mlilwane Hill.

Lubombo Mountains

Lubombo Mountains is  along the eastern border, forming a natural barrier between Swaziland and Mozambique, is a line of rugged volcanic hills known as the Lubombos, which rise abruptly from the lowveld to some 600m.

This range extends far beyond Swaziland, following the Mozambique border north through the Kruger National Park and south into KwaZulu-Natal.

A new initiative has been set up in the Lubombo region, opening up a number of eco-walking trails. 

The initiative has been set up by a collaboration of partners. These include Shewlua Mountain Camp, Mbuluzi Game Reserve, All Out Africa, and Mlawula Nature Reserve. This backing by major tourism initiatives will see these trails become a huge success. The eco trails are designed to benefit the communities, but there is little doubt in the the huge and rewarding experience visitors to the area and trails will receive. 

Summerfield Botanical Garden

Summerfield Luxury Resort & Botanical Garden lies close to the banks of the Bobokazi River and is situated in the Nokwane valley, renowned for its scenic beauty, spectacular rock formations and majestic mountain range. This idyllic setting with panoramic, unbroken views of the surrounding countryside sits proudly against the backdrop of fertile cultivated agricultural lands.

The Garden is a national conservancy which boasts the largest collection of exotic and tropical palms and plants in the Kingdom of Swaziland, including a vast collection of indigenous trees, pre-historic cycads and rare indigenous plant species. The establishment and development of this vast and lush botanical garden can be directly attributed to the passion and love for gardening shared by the extraordinary couple who own it.

Regions within Swaziland:

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