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Tunnel of love, Ukraine  About Ukraine:

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. The history of the country is long and proud. While this state fell prey to Mongol conquest, the western part of Ukraine became part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from the 14th until the 18th century, even modern Ukraine owes it a debt of sorts. Ukraine is barely known to outsiders despite being one of the largest countries in Europe. Long associated with its colossal neighbor Russia, it’s a country of varied landscapes and surprising cultural diversity. .

 Ukraine in winterUkraine's capital, Kiev, founded in the eighth century, displays a heady mix of architecture befitting of a city that was once capital of Kievan Rus, the precursor of the modern Russian state. Ukraine is one of the world's main centers of sugar production. Ukraine has long been a global breadbasket because of its extensive, fertile farmlands. The country also has a well-developed manufacturing sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment

Climate: The climate of the Ukraine is moderate. Winter is rather mild, with no severe frosts but with regular snowfalls everywhere except the south. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter. The average winter temperature varies -20 and Summer is quite hot and dry, with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

 Carpathian Mountains, UkraineGeography: Ukraine is the world's 46th-largest country. Ukraine borders Russia to the east, northeast and south, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively. Ukraine's capital, Kiev, founded in the eighth century. Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, albeit with a slightly declining population. Ukraine's population is rapidly reducing because of a combination of low birth rate, increased mortality and low immigration coupled with high emigration for economic and cultural reasons. It is the largest wholly European country and the second largest country in Europe.

Ukraine Beautiful  NatureNature: Nature has been generous to Ukraine; the country has many variations of climate and terrain taking place. The highest elevation in Ukraine is the Hoverla Mountain at 2,061 meters and located in the Eastern Beskides, part of the Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians. Ukraine was blessed with many species of flora and fauna, imposing rivers, picturesque lakes, colorful mountains and many natural resources including natural gas, salt, sulfur, titanium, magnesium, nickel, mercury, Chernozem and many more. Rivers play a vital role in Ukrainian life, they are essential for shipping, fishing and as a source of hydroelectric power. Over 70,000 rivers flow through Ukraine. The snow melt from the mountains feeds the rivers, and natural changes in altitude form a sudden drop in elevation and create many opportunities to form waterfalls.

 Zakarpattia Region, UkraineLandscape: The diverse landscape of Ukraine provides excellent habitats for flora and fauna species. Ukraine has 11 National Nature Parks, 16 National Preserves, 4 Biosphere Preserves, and a lot of smaller areas all aimed at preserving its natural splendors. Carpathians mountains attract tourists coming here to have a rest and enjoy with fresh air and nature, and also fans of mountain skiing. There are three the most famous ski resorts of Ukraine – Slavsky, Dragobrat and Bukovel. Ukrainian landscape it should be mentioned that in Carpathians, not far from the Hust city, there is a unique valley which puts on yellow attire when thousand narcissuses begin to blossom. Crimea is also the Black sea which coastline length on Ukrainian territory is where about 300 small rivers and small streams fall into with their fresh water. The main rivers of Ukraine are Danube, Dnepr and Southern Bug.

Ukraine SwanFlora and Fauna: Ukraine is home to an exotic fauna living in natural conditions, some of the names that are to be found around are red deer, elk, roe deer, fox, marmot, wolf, bison, zebra, squirrel, wild boar, brown bear, lynx, the unique and rare Przevalski's horse; there is also a range of birds like crane, pheasant, peacock, cormorant, wild duck, sea gull, wood grouse, martin, swan, ostrich, black cock, pink pelican, starling and blue titmouse are also found. It also feature more than 6,600 species of fungi including lichen-forming species have been recorded from Ukraine. Around Ukraine's lakes and rivers beavers, otters and mink make their home, whilst within, carp, bream and catfish are the most commonly found species of fish.

 Kiev, UkraineCapital city: Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The city's name is said to derive from the name of Kyi, one of its four legendary founders. Kiev is one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Founded 1500 years ago, Kiev is the bustling capital of newly independent Ukraine. The popular image of Kiev as a city of wide boulevards and golden-domed churches is not so far from the truth but the Ukrainian capital has far more to offer than just this. Bridging the gap between modern Ukraine and ancient Rus, this city on the Dnieper River has strong Ukrainian and Russian identities and serves as a worthy capital to Europe’s largest country outside Russia.

Ukraine Shopping Shopping and Nightlife: Ukraine popular souvenirs include paintings, ceramics and jewelry, all of which can be purchased at galleries or direct from artists on the street. Other good and authentically Ukrainian souvenirs include hand painted eggs (pyansky), carved wooden items and matryoshka dolls, which are actually Russian in origin. Religious artifacts can make a good purchase, but it should it is illegal to take antique objects out of the country. Ukraine nightlife is dominated by Opera is performed in the ornate theatres of Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Ukrainians have a deep-rooted musical tradition and singing is very popular. Most cities also have good musical comedy, puppet-theatre and troupes performing theatrical works in Ukrainian and Russian.

 Caves Monastery, UkraineThings to do: Kiev's religious heritage at the Caves Monastery. This ancient institution is the focal point of the early Orthodox Church. Marvel at the stunning Western Ukrainian town of Kamyanets-Podilsky, a medieval stunner set on a tall rock outcropg. Lviv is an open-air museum of extraordinary architectural wealth. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is centered on the glorious Market Square, stuffed full of dazzling gothic, baroque, Renaissance and rococo buildings. The region's vineyards produce good-quality wine which can be tasted locally quite cheaply. Mystetskyi Arsenal has been transformed into Kiev's premier arts and cultural space. Ski or snowboard in the Carpathian Mountains in the west.

Ukraine CuisineCuisine: Drinking in Ukraine is an experience. It is traditional to offer a drink to guests, usually many business deals are closed while drinking together. The Ukrainian specialty is  id horika. About non-alcoholic drinks, Kvass is a typically Slavic beverage made of rye bread; it can be easily acquired from designated street vendors. Popular traditional dishes include the very tasty shashlik, Salo, Borscht, Varenyky, Kiev Cake. Bread is a staple in Ukraine, there are dozens of ways used in preparing breads, Honore de Balzac counted 77 different methods. Pastries and cakes are also popular, but not very sweet. Traditional Ukrainian food, such as that in Russia, is mostly of the ‘filling and hearty’ variety, with a heavy emphasis on dumplings, potatoes and sour cream.

Regions in Ukraine

Cherkasy Chernivhiv Dinpropetrovsk Donetsk
Ivano-Frankivsk Kharkiv Khersonska Kiev
Krym Republic Luhansk Lviv Mykolayiv
Odessa Other Poltava Sumy
Vinnytsya Zaporizhzhya    

Regions within Ukraine:

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