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About Isle of Man: Summerland, Isle of Man, UkThe Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The Lord of Mann is represented by a Lieutenant Governor, but its foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the British Government.

After a period of alternating rule by the kings of Scotland and England, the island came under the feudal lordship of the English Crown in 1399. The lordship revested into the British Crown in 1765, but the island never became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain or its successor the United Kingdom, retaining its status as an internally self-governing Crown dependency.

CPeel Beach, Isle of Man, UKlimate of Isle of Man: The Isle of Man has a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. Average rainfall is higher than that of the British Isles, because the Isle of Man is far enough from Ireland for the prevailing south-westerly winds to accumulate moisture. Average rainfall is highest at Snaefell, where it is around 1,900 millimeters (75 in) a year.

Government of Isle of man: The United Kingdom is responsible for the island's defence and ultimately for good governance, and for representing the island in international forums, while the island's own parliament and government have competence over all domestic matters.

Citizenship: CitizenshiThe cover of an Isle of Man passport, Isle of Man, UKp in the Isle of Man is governed by British law. Passports issued by the Isle of Man Passport Office say "British Islands – Isle of Man" on the cover but the nationality status stated on the passport is simply "British Citizen". Although Manx passport holders are British citizens, because the Isle of Man is not part of the European Union, people born on the Island without a parent or grandparent either born or resident for more than five consecutive years in the United Kingdom do not have the same rights as other British citizens with regard to employment and establishment in the EU. Isle of Man passports can be issued to any British citizen in the Isle of Man (whether or not that person has "Manx status" as an Isle of Man worker under the local Isle of Man employment laws). They can also be issued to Manx-connected British citizens residing in Britain or either of the other Crown Dependencies.

EdInternational business school, isle of man, Ukucation in Isle of Man: Public education is under the Department of Education and Children. Thirty-four primary schools, five secondary schools, and the Isle of Man College function under the department. The Isle of Man College of Further & Higher Education is the primary centre for tertiary, vocational education and higher education on the Isle of Man. The college offers a range of courses for school leavers and adults returning to education including NVQs, GCSEs, BTECs, City and Guilds, OCR Nationals and A Levels.

Isle of Man College also offers a provision of higher education courses including HNCs, HNDs and an MBA. Degree level courses are offered in conjunction with the University of Chester and Liverpool John Moores University.

EcFishing, Isle of Man, UKonomy of Isle of Man: The Isle of Man is a low-tax economy with no capital gains tax, wealth tax, stamp duty, or inheritance tax and a top rate of income tax of 20%. The rate of corporation tax is 0% for almost all types of income; the only exceptions are that the profits of banks are taxed at 10%, as is rental (or other) income from land and buildings situated on the Isle of Man.

Offshore banking, manufacturing, and tourism form key sectors of the economy. Agriculture and fishing, once the mainstays of the economy, now make declining contributions to the island's Gross Domestic Product.

Communications: The main telephone provider on the Isle of Man is Manx Telecom. At present, the island has two mobile operators: Manx Telecom, previously known as Manx Pronto, and Sure. For a short time, Cloud9 operated as a third mobile operator on the island, but has since withdrawn. Broadband internet services are available through four local providers which are Wi-Manx, Domicilium, Manx Computer Bureau and Manx Telecom.

TFerries, Isle of Man, UKransportation of Isle of Man: The island has a total of 688 miles (1,107 km) of public roads. The Isle of Man Sea Terminal in Douglas has frequent ferries to and from Heysham as well as frequent summer ferries to and from Liverpool with a more restricted timetable operating in winter. There are also limited summer-only services to and from Belfast and Dublin. The Dublin route also operates at Christmas.

The only commercial airport on the island is the Isle of Man Airport at Ronaldsway. There are scheduled and chartered flights to numerous airports in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Language: The official language of the Isle of Man is English, while Manx Gaelic has also had official status since 1985. The predominant religious tradition of the island is Christianity. 

Food, Isle of Man, UkFood: Traditionally the national dish of the island is Spuds and Herrin, boiled potatoes and herring. This plain dish is chosen because of its role supporting the subsistence farmers of the island, who crofted the land and fished the sea for centuries.

A more recent claim for the title of national dish would be the ubiquitous chips, cheese and gravy. This dish, which is similar to poutine, is found in most of the island's fast-food outlets, and consists of thick cut chips, covered in shredded Cheddar cheese and topped with a thick gravy.

Sports: Motorcycle racing, isle of Man, UKIsle of Man teams and individuals participate in many sports both on and off the island including rugby union, football, gymnastics, field hockey, netball, Taekwondo, bowling, Obstacle Course Racing and cricket. It being an island, many types of water sports are also popular with residents.

Motorcycle racing: The main international event associated with the island is the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, colloquially known as "The TT", which began in 1907. It takes place in late May and early June.



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